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Who doesn’t love cheese? If you are running a restaurant that serves things like sandwiches, soups, burgers or anything that contains cheese toppings then, a cheese Melter is something you must own. It is commercial kitchen equipment that helps in melting cheese topped on already cooked food. Considering the variety of equipment available in the market, choosing the right equipment for your kitchen can become difficult, therefore in this blog we will talk about the best commercial cheese Melter you can get and its benefits.

ATCM-36 Cheese Melter is perfect for commercial use. It is an oven shaped commercial kitchen equipment that can help in melting topped cheese on cooked food and can warm up sandwiches and plates. You can rely on cheese Melter for slightly warming up food as it heats up to a certain degree. It does not overcook your food but does warm it up. Following are the benefits of owning ATCM-36 Cheese Melter:

Size and shape:

Different shapes and sizes of every equipment are available in the market. You can always get your cooking equipment in your desired size according to the available space you have.


When running a place speed matters. Every task requires quick, efficient and smart work. ATCM-36 Cheese Melter allows you to quickly melt the cheese topping. Reducing your time period. In this way you can accommodate more customers with better service compared to tasks which are performed without commercial kitchen equipment.


When the quality of your equipment is top notch, the output you will receive will be satisfying on all levels. With ATCM-36 Cheese Melter you can serve fresh melted cheese to your customers to add more flavor and taste. 

Space and efficiency:

Most of the time we struggle don’t have space to add equipment but what if you can mount that equipment somewhere else? ATCM-36 Cheese Melter comes with a mounting kit that helps you in saving space to make your work easier. It consists of an efficient ceramic burner which spreads heat equally and is easy to use. 


Unlike other cheese Melter this one is made up of stainless steel. This offers resistance to corrosion and stains. The material also increases its durability as it does not break from slight pressure. It is also very easy to clean and maintain.


All the unique features in this commercial kitchen equipment makes it convenient to use and work with. It consists of two burners and a removable grease pan which makes it the easiest to use, clean, manipulate and maintain.

If you want to serve fresh melted cheese and are looking forward to adding a cheese Melter to your space, then ATCM-36 Cheese Melter can be your best option. You can rely on it for all the things. This cheese Melter will definitely serve the taste you want to offer!