1200-S Halo Heat Low Temp Holding Cabinet


  • Capacity – 192 pounds (87 kilograms), 4 standard full size sheet pan slides (holds up to 16 pan slides).
  • Stacking – Options available to maximize your kitchen floor space. Click Stacking Combinations below for more information.
  • Holding on the go – Standard casters allow the 1200-S to be easily moved wherever it’s needed.
  • Control options – The 1200-S Heated Holding Cabinet comes with a manual control and a digital temperature display. Fully electronic controls can simplify temperature setting by eliminating the dial. Multiple timers also are available to help facilitate a first-in, first-out concept.
  • Reach-in or pass-through design – The reach-in design features one door, and the pass-through design features doors on two sides, offering more versatile access to held foods.

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