CTC20-20 Combi Oven


Standard Features

  • Capacity – Twenty (20) full-size sheet pans; twenty (20) GN 2/1 pans; forty (40) full-size hotel or GN 1/1 pans; two rows deep
  • EcoSmart® Technology – the CTC20-20 uses 80% less water, provides 60% more production, and is 40% more energy efficient than conventional cooking technologies.
  • 2-Speed Fan – Deliver a balanced airflow for ideal product browning, texture and finish.
  • Easy to Use Control – Simple push button controls commands the combination oven with icons that are easy to identify.
  • Zero Clearance Design – Place the combination oven next to any piece of equipment on the line, saving valuable floor and hood space.
  • CombiClean® – Keep the combination oven clean by using convenient tablets in an automated cleaning cycle.

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