Standard Features

  • Capacity – 10 half-size sheet or 5 steam/Gastronorm pans.
  • Full-size Performance – For kitchens that have tight space requirements, the CT Express offers maximum performance and flexibility in two-thirds the space.
  • Versatility – Bake, roast, steam, poach, grill, braise, oven fry and even smoke your favorite foods with the smoker option! (Smoker not available on ventless hood models) Quickly and efficiently melt cheese, brown entrees or toast bread and desserts with the optional broiling element [patent pending].
  • Ongoing cost savings – Boiler-free steam generation eliminates the need for boiler maintenance, which greatly reduces your maintenance, chemical and labor costs as well as downtime.
  • Placement virtually anywhere – Optional integrated catalytic converter “scrubs” the airstream for normal odor and grease-laden by-products from the cooking process, allowing for UL certified ventless operation [patent pending]. Optional ventless hood allows for placement outside of costly hood space.

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