Flatwork Ironer PFI-2000-33

Standard Features

  • Frontal linen entry and return
  • IM 7 microprocessor with 30 ironing programs
  • The ironing temperature and speed are both electronically controlled
  • The ironing speed is automatically adjusted according to the ironing temperature variations, ensuring a constant ironing quality
  • Cooling function lowers energy costs
  • Current operation is displayed on this self diagnostic machine
  • Ironing pressure controlled by microprocessor
  • Ironing pressure constant along the entire roller length independent from the roller flattening
  • The ironing pedal starts the machine in an incredibly quick manner
  • No-panic bar: The ironer is mechanically released when pressed
  • Hand safe bar: The roller stops when the user accidentally moves something behind the roller (i.e. a hand)
  • Two emergency push buttons that cut the electrical supply when pressed

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