High Productivity Cooking Electric Tilting Boiling Pan, 300lt , Wall mounted

Standard Features

  • Kettle is suitable to boil, steam, poach, braise or simmer all kinds of produce.
  • Kettle is jacketed up to 134 mm from upper rim.
  • Isolated upper well rim avoids risk of harm for the user.
  • Max pressure of inner jacket at 1,5 bar; minimum working pressure at 0.1 bar. Allows temperature control between 50 and 110°C.
  • Ergonomic vessel dimensions, with a large diameter and shallow depth facilitates stirring and gentle food handling.
  • IPX6 water resistant.
  • Edge of the large pouring lip can be equipped with a strainer (option).
  • Motorized, variable pan tilting with “SOFT STOP”. Tilting and pouring speeds can be precisely adjusted. Pan can be tilted over 90° to facilitate pouring and cleaning operations.
  • Built in temperature sensor to precisely control the cooking process.
  • USB connection to easily update the software, upload recipes and download HACCP data.
  • Cooking vessel in 1.4435 (AISI 316L) stainless steel featuring directional pouring lip. Double-jacket in 1.4404 (AISI 316L) stainless steel designed to operate at a pressure of 1.5 bar.
  • External panelling and internal frame made of 1.4301 (AISI 304) stainless steel.
  • Double-lined insulated lid in 1.4301 (AISI 304) stainless steel mounted on the cross beam of the unit, counterbalanced by a hinge that remains open in all positions.

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  • Supply voltage: 400 V/3N ph/50/60 Hz
  • Total Watts: 36.2 kW

Energy Consumption


  • Item heated: 0 lt
  • Heat up temperature: From 0°C to 0°C
  • Heat up time: 0 min
  • Energy consumed in heat up phase: 0
  • Energy efficiency: 0 %

Key Information

  • Configuration: Round;Tilting
  • Working Temperature MIN: 50 °C
  • Working Temperature MAX: 110 °C
  • Vessel (round) diameter: 900 mm
  • Vessel (round) depth: 570 mm
  • External dimensions, Width: 1500 mm
  • External dimensions, Height: 400 mm
  • External dimensions, Depth: 1000 mm
  • Net weight: 390 kg
  • Net vessel useful capacity: 300 lt
  • Tilting mechanism: Automatic
  • Double jacketed lid: ✔
  • Heating type: Indirect