Infusion Series® ICB Twin SH


  • Front-of-house modernized design language
  • Six brew buttons and three batch sizes allows for multiple brewing profiles
  • Easy Pulse programing automatically adjusts contact time for optimal flavor profile
  • New Soft Heat® servers are ergonomic, lighter weight, energy efficient and now offer programmable
  • recipe/batch based holding times and temperatures, alerting staff when freshness has expired or server is empty
  • Optional wireless server monitoring can be connected to a Smart mobile device
  • Brews .5, 1 or 1.5gal (1.9, 3.8 or 5.7L) batches
  • 3M Thinsulate® and energy-saver mode provide greater energy efficiency
  • Compatible with BUNNlink®; BrewWISE® intelligence
  • New multi-directional lime resistant sprayhead provides the ultimate in uniformity of extraction
  • BrewWISE® intelligence with pre-infusion batch switches for maximum flavor extraction

  • DBC® grinder communicates with the brewer through the Smart Funnel® RFID technology
  • Better positioned fast flow hot water faucet with greater cup clearance
  • Designed and engineered in Springfield, Illinois; assembled in Creston, Iowa

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