Express your business with M39 TE

Designed, implemented and built to develop and improve business; it is the barista’s able and capable partner.

Intelligent solutions for increasing quality

Increasingly more evolved and connected to the world of the coffee bar and their specific needs. M39 T.E., features new and advanced electronics, in terms of performance and functionality. This new advanced technology allows the management of interfaces for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (optional) connectivity.

Wide menu, more choice, more success

In order to extend the milk-based drinks menu and to ensure frothing quality, Cimbali has fitted M39 T.E. with a new TURBOSTEAM Milk4 wand. This allows the operator to obtain – with the same milk dose – 4 different quantities of frothed foam.

New look: beautiful functionality

In M39 T.E. Cimbali, the look is at the service of functionality. Elegant and functional in every detail, the design is ideal to allow the barista to work rapidly with precision and minimal effort in order to provide his clients with a high-quality service.

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