Modular Cooking Range Line 700XP One Well Freestanding Gas Fryer 15 liter

Standard Features

  • Optional portable oil quality monitoring tool (code 9B8081) for efficient oil management.
  • Unit to be mounted on 50mm height adjustable feet in stainless steel.
  • Deep drawn V-Shaped well.
  • Two High efficiency 7 kW burners in stainless steel with flame failure device attached to the outside of the wells.
  • Thermostatic regulation of oil temperature up to a maximum of 185 °C.
  • Flame failure device on each burner.
  • Overheat protection thermostat as standard on all units.
  • Oil drains through a tap positioned on the front the wells.
  • All major compartments located in front of unit for ease of maintenance.

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  • Gas Power:14 kW
  • Standard gas delivery: Natural Gas G20 (20mbar)
  • Working pressure, mBar (min/Max): 0 / 0
  • Gas Inlet: 1/2″

Key Information

  • Usable well dimensions (width): 240 mm
  • Usable well dimensions (height): 235 mm
  • Usable well dimensions (depth): 380 mm
  • Well capacity: 13 lt MIN; 7 lt MAX
  • Thermostat Range: 105 °C MIN; 185 °C MAX
  • Net weight: 55 kg
  • Shipping weight: 58 kg
  • Shipping height: 1140 mm
  • Shipping width: 460 mm
  • Shipping depth: 820 mm
  • Shipping volume: 0.43 m³