MSA Series: Heavy Duty Gas Griddle


Low profile Heavy Duty Gas Griddle.
Stainless steel front, sides and front top ledge. Fully weilded stainless and aluminized steel body frame. 11″ low profile cooking height on 4″ legs. 1″ thick polished steel griddle plate with 12 gage, 4″ stainless steel back and tapered side splashes. Grease chute is fully wielded to stop grease migration. One 27,000 BTU/hr. “U” shaped alumized steel burner and mechanical snap action thermostat for each 12″ of griddle width. Chrome thermostat knob guards. Temperature adjusts 200° to 500°F. One pilot safety for every two burners 3 1/2″ wide stainless steel grease through. 3/4″ rear gas connection and gas pressure regulator.

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