Side Loader Washer-Extractors

Standard Features

  • DynaTrol Touch Screen Control
  • Autoswing Main Loading Door
  • Automatic 10-port Liquid Supply Injection with Manual Hopper
  • Inverter with Single Motor Variable Speed Drive with High Slip & Positioning Brake System
  • DynaMount Suspension System with Reverse Loaded Springs & Shocks


  • Liquid/Dry Five-Compartment Supply Injection
  • DynOzone – DynaWash® Ozone System
  • Extra Water Inlet
  • Direct Steam Heating with Built-In Diffuser
  • DynaTrol Networking with Traffic Cop (for multi-machine installations)

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    The new EDRO side loader (ESL) washer-extractor is available in a split two-pocket configuration with model loading capacities of up to 230lb (105kg) and 450lb (205 kg). Taking advantage of the large main door opening, the cylinder can be positioned at a variety of angles for gravity assist loading and unloading. The cylinder door features effortless operating hardware, securely fastened to the cylinder in machined pistons and bushings.

    Drawing on years of experience from our end loading models, the side loader machine design incorporates our proven DynaMount suspension system for reduced vibration transmission, DynaTrol HMi touch screen control, and inverter with single motor drive featuring our exclusive variable step extract and high slip brake.

    The compact machine design includes our side mounted motor plate and enclosed cabinet guarding which significantly lowers the machine profile. Dual fill piping and dual drains speed step times for fast, efficient cycle times.