T&S MPZ-4DLN-06 EasyInstall Deck Mounted 24 1/2″


Standard Features

  • 4″ centers, adjustable from 3 3/4″ to 4 1/4″; 1/2″ NPT female inlets
  • 24″ flex hose; 1.42 GPM B-0107 spray valve
  • Lever handles with color coded indexes
  • Eterna compression cartridges; spring checks; withstands temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Includes 6″ add-on faucet and wall bracket; 24 9/16″ overall height
  • Chrome plated brass construction
  • EPAct 2005 Compliant
  • UPC Code: 671262732871

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    This T&S MPZ-4DLN-06 deck mounted mini pre-rinse faucet features a 24″ flex hose and spring design that provides plenty of versatility in a variety of warewashing applications, while its reduced height makes it a great fit for commercial kitchens where space is at a premium! A 1.42 GPM spray valve makes it easy to clear food debris off of dishes before washing them, and an ergonomic squeeze handle allows easy and intuitive use. Additionally, a 6″ add-on swing faucet makes your sink even more versatile, allowing you to switch between the pre-rinse setup and normal faucet depending on what you need! Designed specifically to make installation as fast and hassle-free as possible, this EasyInstall faucet also comes with 1/2″ NPT female inlets on 4″ adjustable centers.

    Hose Length 24 Inches
    Add-On Faucet 6 Inches
    Cartridge Type Compression
    Faucet Centers 4 Inches Adjustable
    Handle Type Lever
    Installation Features Support Bracket
    Made in America Yes
    Maximum Water Temperature 140 Degrees F
    Pre Rinse Unit Type Hose and Spring
    Spray Valve Flow Rate 1.42 GPM