Tumble Dryer DP-250

Standard Features

  • Reversing cylinder
  • Heavy duty drive system
  • Cool down overload protection
  • Temperature limit switches
  • Soft start
  • Stainless steel cylinder
  • Rotational sensor
  • Fire suppression system
  • Automatic blower cleaning
  • Large door opening and reliable door lock make loading and unloading fast with the 180 degree flexibility of the door. No gasket needed!
  • Magnetically sealed and protected, machine is stopped whenever the door is opened. The door can be opened at any time you please.
  • Fully enclosed heavy duty drive motor
  • Large self-cleaning lint screens are accessible from the front exhaust fan, preventing fan clogging and vibration. The microprocessor monitors the lint filter and can stop the machine for necessary, but extremely easy maintenance
  • Advanced microprocessor monitors temperature, drying action and performance. Equipped with a cool down and anti-wrinkle feature allows this computer to enhance safety by monitoring airflow.
  • Rugged construction: Double sealed bearings with cast iron pulleys. Heavy gauge steel and welded design with stainless drying cylinder
  • Assisted heating through instantaneous gas burners and steam damper that maintains steam intake
  • Standard voltages: 380-415/50/3, 208-240/50/60/3 or 440-460/60/3

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