VESTA charcoal oven M 25

Charcoal closed oven benefits:

►Excellent results with various food products

► Time – 35% faster*

► Cost effective – 40% of charcoal saving*

► Adjustable temperature in the oven

► Easy to use, with a front opening door

► Different levels of grilling

► No fire, smog or excess heat in the kitchen

► Safety and comfort in use


By adding charcoal to raw product we obtain aroma and taste as well as perfect texture and juiciness. Combining features of oven and grill, we can work at high temperatures, sealing product, smoking and grilling together. The result is superfine taste which makes Vesta Charcoal Oven a unique piece of equipment.


*compared to open grills


Included accessories of VESTA charcoal oven:

►Built-in flame supressor
► Frying chamber is made of special heat-resistant steel
► Replaceable protective screen that keep safe
chamber walls from overheating
► Replaceable fire-grate
► Air regulators (top and bottom)
► Ash box
► Thermometer
Also included: two stainless-steel grill rack (bars), food tongs

Model nameOven-grill VESTA M25                                                           
Number of meals70
Grill rack dimensions, сm545х480
Production per hour, kg60
Charcoal daily consumption, kg10-12
*Overall dimensions, WxDxH, сm637x693x794

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