VESTA spark arrestor (hydro filter)

VESTA spark arrestor quenches 100% of
sparks, flames from chargrills, barbeques
and ovens that work on open fire.
▪ Excellent results with various food products
▪ Time – 35% faster*
▪ Cost effective – 40% of charcoal saving*
▪ Adjustable temperature in the oven
▪ Easy to use, with a front opening door
▪ Different levels of grilling
▪ No fire, smog or excess heat in the kitchen
▪ Safety and comfort in use
VESTA spark arrestor offers 3 operating modes depending on the needs of the restaurants and cafes:
▪ Basic Mode – electricity and water supply
are on: starting, water supply and switching
off are automatically. Water is sprayed by
the pump.
▪ Alarm mode – no electricity, water supply
is temporally off, “dry” spark quenching, no
water is used.
▪ Self-cleaning mode – deleting interior
soot, grease, ash and tar (monthly cleaning
is need).

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