Refrigeration Equipments

Refrigerators, with a better cooling process.

Refrigeration is the process of cooling a space, substance, or system to lower and maintain its temperature below the ambient one, In other words, refrigeration means artificial cooling. There are many applications for refrigeration, including but not restricted to: household refrigerators, industrial refrigerators, cryogenics and air conditioning.

Refrigeration has had a positive effect on patterns of economy, lifestyle, farming and settlement. The ancient Roman and Chinese empires date back to the concept of maintaining food, however in the last century, mechanical cooling technology has developed quickly, from ice harvesting to temperature-controlled rail vehicles.

Sh traders are proud to be on the good refrigeration equipment manufacturers and we bring you our latest and very advanced commercial refrigeration equipment that will preserve your food and keep them cool.

Standard features of our refrigerators are that it can maintain temperature between 33 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, It has pre-Installed selves per section and it has Down Duct Refrigeration to ensure even distribution of air, along with Magnetic door gaskets(s) standard for positive door seal and pre-installed castors.

It has all technical facilities just like our refrigeration restaurant equipment and commercial kitchen equipment, so when it comes to the function and facilities there’s nothing you have to worry about , we have taken care of almost every corner in that areas.

And if you are worried about the look it will bring it has Led Interior Lights, Recessed door handle, round corner design and efficient refrigeration system.

From exterior to interior, from kitchen, home and to restaurants refrigeration manufacturers at Sh Traders had covered everything up.