Start Your Own Beverage Counter This Summer

As you can see, the weather is getting hotter and hotter everyday. People are more inclined towards cold beverages compared to coffee and tea. A cold drink or juice is perfect to calm down your customers and provide relief from scorching heat. In this blog I will tell you how you can start your own beverage counter this summer and the perks of having it.


If you are looking forward to earning a few pennies or want to make an addition to your already existing restaurant then, thanks to the availability of fruits in our country. You can rely on different fruits for making delicious beverages. you can store it in your beverage counter to serve freshly to your customers. Now the question is, where you will get your juice counter from? That’s what I’m here for! You can always rely on SH Traders for all your kitchen equipment needs. Their chilled juice dispenser is all you need to start your beverage counter in summer. Here are some of the advantages you will enjoy if you have a this commercial kitchen equipment:

Self service:

One of the biggest advantages of installing a commercial juice dispenser is that it is easy to work with. If you want to offer something complimentary to your customers, keep the option of a juice dispenser. This is a service very few restaurants offer and therefore, it immediately pleases customers. Allow them to refill their drinks with cool juice options. Even if you don’t want to give a3way drinks for free, you can install it for the ease of your employees. Your employees would not have to go through the effort of preparing drinks again and again.  

Saves time:

Obviously dispensers allow you to pour directly into the glass. This saves you from the effort of going through the same process of preparing beverages again and again. You can just store your options and you are good to serve! 

Neat presentation and freshness:

When you are serving your beverages quickness is not only the option this commercial kitchen equipment serves but the neatness and freshness of beverage come with it. The beverage you serve looks neat and the freshness of stored beverage lasts a lot longer. The chilled beverage dispenser has four options to store different beverages. You can either store four types of drinks or three types of drinks and water in one.


Doesn’t matter what kind of kitchen equipment you need. SH traders offer all types of commercial kitchen equipment to fulfil your needs. You can always rely on them for great product quality and durability. They are selling good quality kitchen equipment at very affordable prices. Therefore; if you are looking forward to earning a few extra pennies this summer or adding an option to improve your restaurant’s reviews then go for SH traders. They are definitely the best choice in Karachi without a doubt.